Painkiller Do’s and Don’ts


Painkillers, as the name suggests, alleviate any pain you’re experiencing in your body. The most common painkillers you can find over-the-counter from any pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida, are ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen, as examples.

There are three types of painkillers: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), paracetamol, and opioids.

Opioids are painkillers that you need a prescription for in order to take them. These painkillers are either weak (codeine) or strong (morphine, oxycodone, to name a few). Depending on their dosage, weak or strong opiates can have significant effects on the body.

To ensure your safety and adherence to your painkillers, keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind:

  • Read the labels and warnings
  • Remind your doctor if you are taking other medications to avoid drug interactions
  • Do not be afraid to ask your prescriber questions about the painkiller
  • Learn about the side effects and which ones will affect you the most
  • Take the painkiller as prescribed
  • Do not take your painkiller with alcohol
  • NEVER self-medicate
  • NEVER take someone else’s painkiller

To summarize, use painkillers as prescribed by your doctor. Never self-medicate to avoid dependency. Responsible medication will help you feel better. And lastly, ask questions about the drug you’re taking.

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