Here’s How to Safely Take Painkillers


Like many medications, especially prescription medication, there are risks to taking painkillers when used incorrectly. One common example is opioid addiction.

Here are some safety reminders from your pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida to help reduce any adverse effects of painkiller usage:

  • Only Take Painkillers as Directed by Your Doctor

    Painkillers are prescription medications that come with precise instructions on usage. Always read the instructions on the prescription bottle and strictly follow your doctor’s orders to reduce the risk of addiction and other adverse side effects.

  • Consult Your Doctor First if You Are Taking Any Other Medication

    Side effects like sleepiness, stomach aches, constipation, and nausea can occur when taking painkillers coupled with other medications. Always let your doctor know that you are currently taking other medicines to determine first whether or not it is safe to start taking pain medication.

  • Watch Out for Side Effects

    Ask your doctor what side effects you should be looking out for and consult them immediately if any occur. Side effects may start out mild but can increase the risk of complications in the future. Some symptoms to look out for include shallow breathing, constipation, and slowed heart rate.

We should always take prescription medication responsibly and under other direct supervision of a doctor. For more information about painkillers, you could call our Pharma Shop at +1-443-606-0957.

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