Medical Marijuana: What It Can Help Treat


Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant and its chemicals to help treat a variety of conditions and symptoms. It can be administered by smoking it, inhaling it through a vaporizer, eating it, applying it on the skin using creams, or placing a few drops of marijuana oil under the tongue.

Research has shown that medical marijuana can help treat a number of symptoms and conditions, including:

  • Chronic Pain
    Cannabinoids found in marijuana like THC and CBD provide analgesic effects to help with pain relief. It can help relieve pain from headaches, migraines, cancer symptoms, and more. The analgesic effect of marijuana can also help with pain following a surgery or injury.
  • Nausea
    Research has shown that cannabinoids like CBD can help treat nausea and vomiting. Small amounts of THC also have a paradoxical effect, acting as a nausea aid.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
    Medical marijuana can also be used to help with symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Some studies show that it can help reduce symptoms like agitation, stress, insomnia, and anxiety in seniors.
  • Glaucoma
    Severe headaches are one of the most common symptoms of glaucoma due to intraocular pressure. Research shows that cannabinoids in marijuana can help reduce intraocular pressure, helping reduce the risk of headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms of glaucoma.

These are just a few conditions medical marijuana can help treat, and ongoing research continues to discover new ways it can help. You can find medical marijuana at places like our Pharma Shop.

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