The Dangers of Long-Term Painkiller Usage


Do you have a chronic pain problem?

If so, you must have been taking pain medications ever since. But are you aware that side effects can happen after long-term usage?

Painkiller medications are those that people use for severe pain that continuously makes them suffer. Although helpful, pain receptor blockers cause spinoffs in the long run. And some of these are:

  • Cravings and addiction
  • Tolerance
  • Internal organ damages (liver, kidneys, heart)
  • Impairment of blood vessels, affecting blood circulation
  • Sleeping difficulties

These are the consequences of having narcotics and other types of pain relievers from a pharma shop. If you think you have these signs, especially addiction and tolerance, consult with your pain medicine expert immediately, so he can change the type of meds you use and address the issues altogether.

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