Various Kinds of Pharmaceutical Research Studies

Before a certain medicine or drug is approved for general use, they undergo comprehensive, rigid, and very strict testing. Some of these drugs could contain research chemicals similar to those sold at a pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida. All drugs must pass three phases of research and make all results known to everyone before they get approval for public consumption. Here are the three kinds of pharmaceutical research studies:

  • Phase I studies

    Phase I studies involve volunteers who agree to use the study drug to assist the doctors in identifying its safety. The absorption, metabolization, and excretion of the study drug are also studied. About 20 to 100 volunteers join in phase I studies. About 70% of new drugs pass this part.

  • Phase II studies

    Phase II studies evaluate the effects of the study drug given to patients suffering from the illness or disorder to be treated or cured. Most of these studies are double-blinded, randomized, and controlled. All drugs we can buy at a pharma shop have undergone this phase and the other two phases of research studies as well.

  • Phase III studies

    Phase III studies utilize patients with the illness who will be treated using the new and modified drug. The purpose of this stage is to have a more comprehensive understanding of the new drug’s effectiveness, advantages, and side effects. About 70 to 90% of drugs that reach Phase III studies successfully pass this stage. The company making the drug can now request approval to market the drug from the FDA similar to the research chemicals in Florida.

You can be sure that all the drugs you can buy at Complex Pharma Shop have passed these phases and have been approved by FDA. Call us to learn more!

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